The Meaning of Haveli.

The meaning of Haveli changes from region to region. Literally translated from Persian it means “enclosed place” or other translations come out with “palace” or “private mansion.” Keep these translations in mind and you’ll have a fair idea of what a traditional Haveli is.

Historically a Haveli was a status symbol so the more spectacular your Haveli, the more money you were deemed to have. Most Haveli’s comprise of a courtyard, often with a water feature such as a fountain in the centre, the whole area is cocooned by high ornate walls. The walls provide a feeling of seclusion and intimacy yet they also serve as a background on which to display exquisite examples of craftsmanship and art.

Frescos are often found adorning the walls of a Haveli and the sheer beauty and detail of these works attracts a great deal of interest from tourists and visitors to the country. The walls themselves often feature stone carved balconies painstakingly crafted by artists. If you’re lucky enough to come across a well maintained Haveli you will also notice the intricate paintwork which was again, carried out by highly skilled artists, who spent many years decorating the elaborate architecture.

Every Haveli is unique and varies depending on the area and the wealth of the owner. A Haveli in Pakistan may differ wildly from a Haveli in North India for example. A Shekhawati Haveli traditionally has two courtyards, one as the area of residence for the males, the inner area is principally the realm of the female. A larger Haveli may feature a whole raft of different rooms, with many sprawling over several storeys.

Essentially a Haveli is a place of tranquillity and beauty where decadence and indulgence reigns supreme. We’ve taken the spirit and ethos of the Haveli and channelled it into our restaurant. Experience a taste of Indian splendour courtesy of our exceptional restaurant, Haveli.

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